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Altona Chiropractic clinic

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Why Chiro?


Many patients are unsure as to where they should go for help with their back related problem. A GP? A Physio? Or maybe just some massage for that "muscle pain".

 Chiropractors deal with the nervous system - brain, spinal cord and spinal nerve roots. This system controls the functioning of the entire body, including the actions of muscles. So generally a "muscle pain" is the symptom of a muscle not working properly. Rather than just cover this up with medication or massage away the symptom, a chiropractor aims to get to the cause of the problem and remove the irritation to the nerves. This should allow the nerves to resume normal function free from annoying pain and other symptoms.

What to expect

Fist visit

On your first visit you will be asked to fill in paperwork to ascertain your health history and obtain written consent to commence chiropractic care. A thorough history is taken and examination performed to determine if your presenting complaint is suitable for chiropractic care. You may be sent off for spinal X-rays.

X-ray report

If spinal x-rays are needed you will be shown and explained the results. Together with your examination we will have a complete picture of your spinal health and be able to advise you of a schedule of care. This is to not only correct the presenting problems, but more importantly, give you the tools to keep yourself healthy.

Regular visits

After your initial assessments, a regular office visit may require just 5 or 10 mins of your time. But don't think the brevity of the visit lessens its value.With all the groundwork laid, your spine can be quickly assessed, adjusted and you can be on your way. We recognize your time is valuable. So we do everything possible to run on time and minimize the impact on your busy life.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Sharna West B. App Sc (chiro)


Dr. West graduated from RMIT  and has been in practice for over 28 years. She has spent many years as an associate in various practices across Melbourne. and has worked as a locum for several years all across Australia.

Her years of varied experience have seen her focus her chiropractic practice on a "Family Wellness Practice".

Dr. West believes chiropractic is for everyone - not just those with a "bad back"!

Having studied chiropractic paediatrics, and as a mother of a primary school aged daughter, her particular interst is on infant and childhood health.

"My beautiful daughter recieved her first adjustment at 6 days old, and continues to recieve chiropractic care" says Dr. West.

Dr. West loves getting to know and caring for the spinal health of the Altona community and its surrounds.

What is Chiropractic?


Many people mistakenly believe that chiropractic is just for a "bad back".

Chiropractors deal with the nervous system - a system that controls and regulates the functioning of the body.

 Therefore if this system is not working properly, due to spinal interference (what many people regard as a "pinched nerve") then the bodies function will be affected, resulting in a loss of good health.

This may show up in various forms such as aches and pains, decreased energy, poor sleeping, frequent illnesses, female menstrual problems, irritable bowel just to name a few.

These problems can go unnoticed for years and often start in infancy (following minor birth trauma) in childhood or as teenagers.


 As Chiropractors we are trained to detect and remove these irritations thereby restoring your body back to its original healthy state.

 By the use of gentle techniques applied to the spinal joints - known as adjustments, Chiropractors help to correct these spinal irritations and restore function and health to your body.

A healthy functioning nervous system is vital to an active and healthy body. Therefore it makes good sense to have your spine checked by a registered Chiropractor to reduce your chance of spinal problems and maximise your health potential.

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